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Happy Holidays!   We're your party's entertainment in the Rocky Mountains!




Click here for our party time video!

Click here to see our new video with Realtime and the DC2 horns!

The Fabulous Femmes are a vocal trio consisting of three women, Kathy Morrow, Beth Swearingen and Charis Patterson.  These artists have combined their voices to bring you an energetic musical show featuring your favorite tunes from the '50's, '60's, '70's and '80's and beyond!  Just click to take a look at their extensive song list which ranges from Elvis, The Supremes, to Abba to Annie Lennox.  With distinct decades of music, costumes and choreography, the Fabulous Femmes will have you dancing, singing and partying to your favorite oldies.  Get ready to rock 'n roll through the years of "pop" music! 

      "I don't know of any other group anything like yours that is more original, dynamic, happy, exciting and fun, and with the most clever costumes, wigs, and makeup. And can you girls harmonize! We can not sit still because the beat is on! And who else sings songs for our generation to dance to!? You're filling a huge void we have had in our lives for a long time and the romance of our youth is back!"--Becky K. 

     "We were hoping for an evening of Rockin' in the Rockies, and The Fabulous Femmes made the night magic for everyone.  For many of us, the music of the 60s and 70s was our era, and the Femmes performed the ultimate magic trick -- not only did they bring the energy and sound of that era to our party, but they made us feel like we were transported back in time.  I heard comments all evening like "I need to sit down but I can't because I love the next song too much."  In short, everybody thought they were Fabulous!  And the applause continues . . . "  Sue C.

      "Just a compliment, you girls are beyond awesome, the music, costumes, voices, the entire package.  The perfect dance party."  R.D.

Click here to view our performance of The National Anthem at the Rockies baseball game August 13, 2010!

For booking information:
Katsjazz Productions 
P. O. Box 1410
Vail, CO  81658